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JDiction UV Resi

  • Posted December 12th 2022, 2:54 PM
  • By admin

JDiction UV Resin

LOW VISCOSITYThrough the continuous feedback and suggestions of our customers, we have developed and produced different versions——Low Viscosity(Thin) UV Resin; On the basis of the JDiction original UV resin, we have greatly reduced the viscosity of UV resin(viscosity: 1400-1500 cps), the flow of UV resin faster in nature; Great for craft lovers who like thin UV resin.
SUPER CRYSTAL CLEAR & LOWEST ODOR AND SAFeJDiction UV Resin cooperates with the largest supplier in Southeast Asia. We only produce the purest resin, you can get the most crystal clear and gloss crafts. At the same time, we adopt the safest way to develop and produce to create a healthier and lowest-odor resin, with no pollution to the environment, allowing you to complete the craft work more comfortably.
BUBBLE-FREE & RESIST YELLOWINGAfter thousands of formulation adjustments, our UV resin is very thin, removes bubbles easier, superfit coating, and casting resin, which can show DIY creation bright and take your breath away; Adding stronger UV inhibitors to the newly upgraded formula, it is more resistant to yellowing, which can keep your crafts long-lasting and gorgeous.
DURABILITY & BEST STABILITYJDiction UV resin has outstanding toughness, hardness, durability, and scratch resistance, the hardness can reach 75D after curing, ensuring that the crafts stay with you longer; At the same time, we have improved the stability of UV resin after continuous testing by hundreds of researchers, reduce the heat shrinkage rate of UV resin to below 3%, reach resist staining, warping and shrinkage effects, make you incredible and blow others away!

Gatsby Grande Pen

  • Posted June 15th 2022, 10:15 AM
  • By admin

Gatsby Grande Pen in 24kt Gold, One Gatsby Grande Pen Kit in Gun Metal, One Gatsby Grande Pen Kit in Gun Metal and Gun Metal, One Gatsby Grande Pen in Chrome and Gun Metal, and one Gatsby Grande Pent in Chrome plus the 2pc bushing set. Bigger, thicker, and 10% wider than our original Gatsby, this hefty pen will surely impress. Features the same comfortable, smooth writing characteristics of the original Gatsby. Easy to turn and assemble with a single tube.